Christian Life Outlines

One of the easiest to use resources I have come across for Christian development is a simple little New Testament Study bible called, "The Christian Life Master Outlines & Study Notes.  The outlines were written by Porter Barrington a life-long evangelist.  I have copied the simple form onto this web page.  It is simple. easy to follow step by step Bible studies every believer should know.  I would suggest buying the little new Testament in your local Bible store because it literally gives you a note then says now turn to page 150 for the verse then has notes at the bottom of the page.  The note will tell you now turn to page such and such to continue on with the topic. I call it a basic bible college in a tiny book.  I myself completed all the Bible study outlines before attending Bible college and it helped me tremendously. 

There is currently fifteen Master Outline in the entire study as illustrated below:

Bible Study Outlines
These Bible studies are based on:
Compiled by Porter Barrington using NKJV

This work is published in conjunction with The Holy Bible, New King James Version – Copyright 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.


The Bible is the most important book ever written. It is God’s written Word to man. The New Testament tells about the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself. It tells of His birth, His death, and His resurrection.

These outlines have been put together by Porter Barrington, who has been an evangelistic pastor all of his adult life. The Word of God has been at the heart of his entire ministry.

The Christian Life Study Outlines and Notes are the amplification of a ministry of over 35 years, both in the pastorate and in the field of teaching and evangelism. These lessons by Porter Barrington on the Great Doctrines of the Bible are simple without being ordinary, short without being shallow, brief without being dwarfed, positive without being over-formal and comprehensive without being complicated.

They were produced to fill a need in the life of the average Christian, to provide an incentive to know more of God’s Holy Word. If diligently studied, they will help to establish you in the faith and give you spiritual confidence.

It is suggested that you study the Master Outlines in the order given; one each day for fifteen days, and at the end of fifteen days, you will know more about the New Testament than you ever thought possible. This study is equal to an advanced course in Systematic Theology. If you review these lessons often, you will continue to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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