Chuck Pearce - Author and Speaker

Married Sept 12, 2013 to Mary Basinger

LICENSED TO PREACH 1977 First Southern Baptist Church Yuma Arizona

B.S. Degree with a double major Behavioral Science and Religion

Grand Canyon College 1983 (Now Grand Canyon University)

Occupation: Certified Drug Prevention Specialist Delaware County Oklahoma


Why I Teach and Write about the Bible?

My love affair with teaching Bible has a humorous interesting beginning and progression that demonstrates God's resourcefulness, tenacity and sense of humor. A complete biography would take a book by itself, filled with ups and downs, long spiritual valleys, incredible mountain top experiences and a lot of humor. One of these days maybe I'll sit down and write out the details. Suffice it to say, as I look back on my life, I feel God has moved me like a piece on a chessboard, developing my talents, knowledge and experience.

God's call to teach for me was definitely unique. I accepted Christ as savior at age eight shortly after the rest of my family accepted Christ. However, I didn't accept Christ as Lord till I was eighteen and in the United States Marine Corps of all places. I was probably your typical young marine that first year in the Marine Corps. Which is to say, finding myself out in the world, no parents, very little restrictions, money, time and the mischievousness of a young teen male and a creative mind. I fell into the trap of drinking, partying and looking for mischief to get into. To shorten the story, after a year, I woke up one morning (with a hangover) and wondered, "Why am I doing this? I don't really like to drink (maybe a few mixed drinks) and I am broke all the time." Actually the Holy Spirit had been convicting me, I just wasn't ready to listen yet. Several times near the end of that first year, I found myself getting drunk and witnessing to other marines and sailors about Christ and not very effectively.

That morning I woke up with a hangover was Saturday morning. I felt empty inside, lonely and my head was pounding like a herd of little men were inside with a sledge hammer's whacking away. I heard a voice distinctly say in my head, "You need to get back into church where you belong!" Immediately I thought, "Church and the Marine Corps? Nooooo way!" Being a Christian in the Marine Corps to put it simple was not exactly easy. But the conviction from the Holy Spirit would not go away. So, I drove into town on a scouting mission checking out churches. I drove past several churches until I drove past First Southern Baptist Church of Yuma Arizona. I heard the Holy Spirit whisper, "This is the church" I thought, "maybe, maybe." But I chickened out the next day.

The Holy Spirit kept convicting me, "You need to go back to church!" I was at work Monday Morning at Marine squadron VMFAT 101 Yuma, Arizona working on F4 fighter planes. Being a little cocky I prayed, "Ok Lord if you want me to go to church, I'm gonna need a bible." And, feeling a little braver and clever continued, "If you give me a day off from work I'll go look for a bible." I thought I was being smart. Everyone knows, that nobody gets days off in the Marine Corps. That was Tuesday. Friday morning my boss (a staff sergeant) said to me, "It's the weirdest thing, but I don't have anything for you to do today. Why don't you take the day off" I'd already forgotten my little deal with God. Being eighteen years old my first thought was yesssss, I'm going to the swimming pool and watch girls in bikini's. At the base swimming pool there was no one there. I thought, "That’s no fun." So, I went to find the city swimming pool. I got to the city swimming pool, it wasn't open till around 2 pm. Since it was around noon I decided on indulging my second most favorite thing, eating fried chicken.

I knew where the Churches Chicken restaurant was in Yuma and headed there. Guess what was right next door to Churches Chicken? Yep, a bible bookstore. I thought, "Hmm" then "Naw, I'm gonna get some chicken then go watch girls in bikini's." God had other plans. As I was about to turn into the Churches Chicken parking lot, I was cut off by a little old lady who looked like she'd never even seen me or my truck. I jerked the wheel to the right to miss the little old lady and found myself sitting in front of the bible book store. I thought, "Hmmm, that’s odd!" I got out of my car and breathed in the heavenly aroma of fried chicken filling the air. But, then I remembered I'd promised God if He would give me a day off, I'd buy a bible. I looked at the chicken restaurant and my stomach rumbled, then I looked into the book store window. I couldn't see anyone in the book store so I thought, "Why not! I'll walk in real quick then duck out before anyone see me. That way I can say, see Lord I tried." So I walked in and looked around for about five minutes, and sure enough there wasn't a soul around. I laughed and headed for the door. Just as I opened the door I heard, "Can I help you?" There was the lady store owner with a smile as big as Texas.

I thought, "Hmmm, now what?" I could smell fresh, hot fried chicken and my stomach rumbled even louder. I opened my mouth to say, "I was just looking." But, what came out was, "I'm looking for a bible." Her smile grew larger and my brain said, "Why'd you say that?" Grudgingly, I walked back to the counter where the bibles where. Honestly, I really didn't want a bible! And, I didn’t know one bible from another. I thought quickly, "I'll just order a bible that should be impossible to find." I smiled at the lady and said, "I want a bible that is color coded with all the important words and topics in different colors." Would you believe there really is such rainbow bible? The lady smiled, then frowned and said, "There is a bible like that but I don't have one in stock. Would you like to order one?" I said, "Sure" but thought in my mind, "Right, you'll never see me again." She said, "It'll take about three weeks to get here, but we are not open on Saturdays right now so you have to pick it up during the week." I thought, "Perfect, they'll never give me another day off anytime soon anyway." So, I ordered the bible, ran next door, ate my chicken and rushed to the pool. Would you believe it, someone had put up a sign saying "Pool closed for repairs"?

Three weeks flew by and I completely forgot about the bible and of course didn't go to church (no bible, no deal). Then one Friday my boss said to me again, " I don't have any work for you to do so take the day off" In my mind jumped, "swimming pool, girls in bikini's and fried chicken." I was eighteen, what can I say! Like I said, earlier I'd completely forgotten about ordering that bible. I got to the pool, and it wasn't open. So I thought of course, chicken. I drove to Churches Chicken. Then I saw it, the bible book store and I remembered. I thought "Oh, Nooo, I'm not going in there" I tried to drive past the book store but somehow found myself parked outside its door instead of the chicken place. I thought, "How'd that happen?" When I looked in the plate glass window there was the store owner with a wide smile waving a bible at me. I bought the bible and asked the store owner to wrap it in heavy brown paper then took it outside and hid it under the seat of my truck.

I walked over, bought a box of chicken, and headed for the swimming pool thinking, "I'll just eat my chicken by the pool till it opens. God's sense of humor had taken over. There was a sign on the swimming pool gate that said, "Closed for repairs till Monday." Disappointed, and frustrated, but with a box full of chicken, I drove back to the base. I pulled in at the barracks and frantically looked everywhere to make sure no one was looking. I grabbed the paper wrapped bible and flew up the stairs three steps at a time to the 3rd floor where my room was. No one was in our quad living room so I rushed to my room, opened my locker and shoved that bible as deep and as far back behind my clothes as I could. I didn't want any other marine's to see me with a bible! No way! I went into the quad living area to watch TV and munch on chicken. But for once, the chicken just didn't seem to be satisfying L. I felt the Holy Spirit command, "Go read your bible" I squirmed through several TV shows until I gave in and went and dug out that bible.

I'd grown up in church and knew all the basic bible stories, but always had a hard time understanding it. It just never seemed to make sense to me. Belligerently I prayed, "Ok Lord, if you want me to read this thing, your gonna have to make it make sense" At that time, I wasn't an avid reader of any kind of book, period. I thought, "The Old Testament is tough and dry so I'll try the New Testament. As I began to read, an amazing thing happened. The scriptures opened up in my mind like a movie and it made sense. I could visualize what I was reading. I thought, "WOW." I couldn't stop reading. I read for six straight hours. Sunday morning I went to church.

Joining the church and the next three to six months was another adventure for another time. Suffice it to say, God with His sense of humor opened shut doors and pulled a stubborn, mule headed, marine through them with miracles and hilarious circumstances. Reluctantly, I joined a small bible study at the church. What I didn't know was it was all young men around my age (I thought there would be girls there as well). I kept going anyway. After several studies, the group leader said to me, "We have been team teaching, would you like to teach next week?" In those days, it took a team of wild horses to get me up in front of a crowd, let alone teach. I was petrified, no way did I think I could teach. I opened my mouth to say, "No" but what came out was, "Sure." I was mortified. I couldn't believe I'd said yes. Instantly, I tried to back out, but he just smiled and said, "You'll do fine."

The next week was pure torture filled with apprehension and bible research. I just knew I couldn't talk for more than five minutes let alone forty five minutes. To this day I cannot tell you what I taught. I do remember standing up behind the podium my knees shaking so bad I thought I must sound like a skeleton rattling. My hands were clammy and shaking so bad I grabed the podium like a drowning man holding on for dear life. When I looked up from my notes into the eyes of those six guys, my mind went as blank as a clean sheet of paper. I don't even think I could have remembered my own name. I opened my mouth to speak but my throat constricted in absolute terror and I squeaked out, "Can we pray first?" I had no idea that was the proper thing to do. When I opened my eyes and began to speak, I suddenly felt a warm bubbling sensation fill my soul and my mind filled with a motion picture of the bible study I was supposed to teach. I taught the movie I saw in my mind and was thrilled as I felt the Holy Spirit take over.

That was over thirty five years ago and to say that my life has been a thrill ride of teaching bible would be an understatement. I've taught small groups and large groups, in small churches to mega churches. Along the way I studied for and received a degree in bible with a double major in Behavioral Science from Grand Canyon University. I've also had the opportunity to teach a detailed bible study on the life of Christ at a Christian Drug Rehab program every Wednesday for three years which was an awesome experience. I've taught on mountains, beside creeks, rivers and oceans, in the United States, and a few places in Mexico and Romania. I started writing because people asked for my notes. Then they wanted more detail. After spending a fortune on white out (for correcting mistakes on type written paper in pre-computer days) I learned how to use computers. Through the process of learning to use computers I ended up becoming a computer instructor specializing in word processing and graphics (another grand adventure). For years I gave away countless bible studies. Then I discovered ebooks and the adventure moves on. It's been a grand voyage of learning and teaching which continues to this day.

I still teach the movie in my mind, only the movie has much more detail now. If you're interested in learning bible that's simple and easy to read in a story format that's packed with tidbits of knowledge and facts including history and culture (and humor), then you will love my work and teaching. And so, the adventure continues.

Refecting Christ's Light



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